All About Kefir, Part 2: What Makes It So Good For You?

“As you may know, your health is vitally connected to a vast universe of microscopic organisms that thrive in and on every living thing…. Many of these tiny microorganisms—the ‘good bacteria’—may be both the smallest and best friends you’ll ever have.”

-Jordan Rubin, N.M.D., Ph.D, author of The Maker’s Diet

All About Kefir, Part 2: What Makes It So Good For You?

In part 1 of the TWM kefir series where I explained exactly what the little-known kefir drink is, we delved into the topic of fermented dairy. (Makes sense seeing as kefir is a type of fermented dairy, right?) In that post we talked about what it means for something to culture, we talked about curds and whey (*cue Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme*) as well as curd cheese, we discovered what clabber is (and just what your great-grandmother used it for), and we even discussed why the process for fermenting pasteurized dairy products is different from the process for fermenting raw dairy products. And well, who’s to say for sure, but I’m betting that right about now there’s probably a certain thought running through your head. And it’s probably this one:

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All About Kefir, Part 1: What Is It? What’s Its Story?

If you’re not familiar with kefir, boy, are you missing out!

All About Kefir, Part 1: What Is It? What's Its Story?

Okay, just to be straight, I don’t believe in magic potions. But if I did…kefir would hands-down be at the tippy top of my list of favorites. It can basically be summed up as a miracle in a bottle. (Or a jar, depending on what you make it in! 😉 ) I seriously wonder how I lived so much of my life (*ahem* … 19 years worth) without knowing about this awesome stuff. It’s like liquid gold, I tell you. A meadow of sunshine and rainbows all wrapped up in a crisp little package of white. So what is it? It’s…are you ready for it?

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