– The Story Behind The Blog –

Hello, and welcome! I’m Aliyah, author here at Two Worlds Merge. If you took a few seconds to glance over the homepage before jumping over to this one, you’ve already read a little about me. That’s great, and I’ll share more about me personally in a minute. But first I want to back up and do a bit of explaining.

What exactly is Two Worlds Merge?

Two Worlds Merge is more than just a blog title. For me, it’s truly been an astounding life experience. (And if you stick around and keep reading here at TWM, you’ll learn how it can be for you too.)

You see, all throughout my life, I thought I knew what it meant to be healthy. Eat your veggies, get enough sleep, don’t be a couch potato, don’t drink bleach…. I thought I knew what it meant to be Godly. Read your Bible, get plugged into a good church, be kind to those around you, don’t skimp on your prayers…. I thought I knew the meaning and purpose of life. Love God, love others, pursue your passion, work to further the Kingdom of heaven…. Right? Isn’t that the way it works? Sure it is. But what I never once stopped to thoughtfully consider was this:

Could there be more? Is there something I’m missing?

It may or may not surprise you, but what I went on to discover was that the answer to both of those questions was YES. YES, there was more to being healthy, God-fearing, and purpose-driven than what I’d always thought. YES, there was something missing in my life, in my worldview, in my character as a person…there was something missing that, once found, would radically change everything I thought I knew.

It all started at the end of the year 2012….

That’s when this wonderful, radical change took place in my life—when the missing something was found. That’s when I began the journey toward living naturally and becoming truly healthy. That was the turning point.

What turning point?

It was at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013 that my family and I became quite disturbed by the fact that the church we were attending wasn’t doing Bible things in Bible ways. After some time, we stepped out on our own in order to break free from the religious dogma that is taught in most modern-day Christian churches. (Yes, I said religious dogma…and no, I’m not some 21st century heathen rebel. So you can go ahead and relax again and keep reading.) I am simply one who was awakened to the need to return to the roots of my faith. To rewind. To start fresh. To get back to basics.

To grasp the fact that I need to truly understand the front of the Bible before I even try to truly understand the back of it.

Grasping that fact is what changed my life. I began to see all of God’s wonderful commandments, including those largely ignored today within the church and body of believers, for what they truly are—a guardrail along the path of life. And that, my friends, is what changed everything. When I stepped back, laid my own presumptions and doctrines down, when I stopped reading into the Scriptures all the false definitions of them I had been given, when I allowed them to define themselves, my worldview changed. My character changed. My health and life purpose changed. All of these things within me changed for the better…which is what brings me to the story behind the name, Two Worlds Merge.

One chilly day back in January 2014 I was visiting with my best friend, and she had brought me out to the farm where she was boarding her horse at the time so that I could watch her work with him. Now, like I mentioned on the homepage, I’m a dancer. I’m a writer. I’m an avid lover of big cities, long skirts, and pretty much anything fancy or feminine. And since none of those things go very well with mud, you could correctly conclude that I didn’t spend a lot of time around horses growing up. So anyway, middle of January, there I was leaning up against the round pen, lush rolling hills of horse pasture surrounding me on every side. As I glanced around, taking in the peaceful moment, I thought back on how much my life had changed in the past year—of how much I had changed—and it sort of struck me odd. I just couldn’t believe it. I felt like a different person. Because until then, I’d never given a huge amount of thought to living naturally. And yet, it had come to be a huge part of my life. That’s when God whispered to me:

“This is two worlds merging—the one you have always known, and the one that you will know.”

So you see, learning to live naturally isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s just that—a learning process. It takes time. It takes lots of baby steps. It takes a willingness and effort to change one’s way of thinking and be open to new ideas. It truly takes two worlds merging.

And that’s my purpose for starting this blog. I hope that as you read and follow along with me, you’ll learn some amazing things just as I did (and still am). I hope that by sharing the steps I am taking toward living a more natural life, you will be encouraged, inspired, and empowered to do the same in your own journey.


To read more about me, click here.


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