– Notes, Disclaimers, & the Like –

A quick word regarding liability/health claims:
In compliance with the purposes of this blog, it is my intent to be honest and fair in all that I do, and to run this website as a source of encouragement and inspiration to you on your life journey. It exists only for the sake of your education. I am not a nutritionist or medical professional of any kind and don’t pretend to be. It is my hope that the information presented on this blog will motivate you toward making the health choices that are best for you in partnership with your doctor. Always consult your doctor for advice regarding medical condition(s). The information/statements presented on this website which have to do with health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you choose to adhere to any advice provided by Two Worlds Merge or anyone affiliated therewith, please remember that you are doing so at your own risk. In the words of one of my own favorite bloggers, you are ultimately responsible for your own health!

A quick word regarding content:
Much of what we learn as we go through this life we learn from others. It is precisely thanks to countless others (family members, friends, fellow bloggers) that I have come to the knowledge I have regarding so very many different things. I am all for knowledge, teaching, and passing it on, so you are welcome to share the information you find here with others that you know. However, I ask that you would please do so in an honest and considerate way with regards to the author (myself, guest authors, commenters). Please do not duplicate my words/pictures and claim them as your own. Feel free to reproduce short passages from articles on this blog, so long as you give the appropriate author credit and include a link (or reference) to this website. As always, please tweet/pin/share/send any articles you would like and pass them on to your friends! It is through the intricacy of the social web that good things go ’round! 😉

A quick word regarding comments:
I eagerly welcome your comments, conversation, discussions, and feedback on this site. However, if you choose to engage in any of these things, please remember to be respectful, kind, constructive, and all that good stuff! I want this blog to be a fun and safe place for all, and any comments I find offensive or inappropriate I will delete. If you, my readers, come across any of that sort which I may have missed, please let me know so that I can respond in the way that I see best!

A quick word regarding affiliates:
As of right now (July 2015) Two Worlds Merge is not affiliated with any sales or advertising companies, therefore I do not receive any compensation for whatever purchases you may make after linking to a website from this one. If I choose to include a link to a certain product listed on another site, it is because I am trying to make it easier for you to find it given it may be a helpful product for you to have to go along with a certain recipe, etc. I would never recommend to you a product that I would not feel comfortable using myself! 🙂

A quick word regarding recipes:
I am fervent in my quest to eat biblically, and therefore I would NEVER share with you a recipe that did not meet the biblical requirements as “food”. However, I am not perfect, and I make mistakes in my journey. There have been times when I have been unsure as to whether or not a certain food (that is, one not explicitly condoned in scripture) was biblically clean and have had to put in a considerable amount of study and research in order to come to a sound conclusion. Unfortunately, mistranslations in the Word do exist (and so do Jewish traditions—which, it’s important to note, usually agree with scripture but not always) so I always base my decisions in these cases on what the original Hebrew says, not on anything else. If ever I share a recipe which you believe I may be in error on concerning this subject, please let me know so that I may take your thoughts into consideration. Please keep in mind that I have already made a commitment to conduct my eating habits in accordance with what the Bible says and will not regard any advice on this topic which is against that. Lastly, please remember that if you see anything on this blog endorsing the use/consumption of anything explicitly biblically unclean (such as lard, shrimp, shellfish, etc.) it did not come from me and I do not stand behind it!

Whew! Now that all that’s out of the way, let’s get on with the fun stuff! If there’s anything you feel I could do that would make this blog a better place for you, myself, or others to visit please do let me know! Thanks for reading!



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